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Happiest Place on Earth

Since I started the new website I am going to try so hard to keep up with my blogging.   So why not start with one from the Happiest Place on Earth!

The past 6 months were very hard for our family.  Back in August of 2017 my Mother-In-Law was told her cancer had come back.  My husband John made the decision to head up to MI to help out his Dad and Mom.  He was such a rock for both his parents and I am glad he was able to take this time to be with her during this difficult time.  Cancer won and unfortunately we lost her in February of 2018.   We decided to take some time for ourselves and go to a place we love...Disney World!  It was time to reconnect, enjoy life, and be a kid again.  

We are both HUGE Disney nerds.   We watch Disney movies....even without our kids. We sing Disney songs.  We watch tons of YouTube videos about parades and rides and shows.  We have a collection of Disney snow globes and figurines.  Our Christmas Tree has nothing but Disney ornaments on it.  If we could live there...we would!  

So we headed out for 2 weeks of fun, sun and play!   The weather was amazing.....only rained on us 2x and only for an hour or so.  The parks were busy but not overly crowded.  We usually go in June so it was nice to be there during the cooler months.  We ate at a few new places and while some were amazing some were eh.   The only thing we were sad about was that Toy Story Land was not open yet.  Bummer. That just means we have to go again.  LOL  

We stayed at 2 resorts this time.  For the first 12 days we stayed at Pop Century.  But this time we got one of the refurbished rooms.  It was so NICE!  Felt like the room was bigger.  The last couple of days we stayed at Caribean Beach in Trinidad North. OMG.  This resort was amazing!  The rooms were nice.  The scenery was nice....even with the construction.  The pool!  Oh the pool was so cool!  Water slides!!  And they had patches of white sandy beaches with these hammocks.  Oh yes!  I could of slept there all day!   

Overall we spent too much money, didn't get enough sleep, walked over 100 miles and got a little sun. But I would not change it for the world!!!  We had the best time and it was much needed to refresh our minds, body and souls.   

Until next time Disney!!!  See ya real soon!

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