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I get asked all the time "What should I wear?" Well this will be all about the boys! No girls allowed.


When I was in high school Senior Pictures were not a thing. You basically sat in a studio, hair and makeup done by yourself and you had a black drape around your shoulders. For Senior guys they all had the same black jacket. Boring. Nothing special. Nothing unique. Nothing that stood out. All of us, exactly the same.

Fast forward…..and I will totally age myself here…..25 years and there have been mind boggling changes in photography and the most awesome changes in Senior photography sessions! Now… is all about the Senior Guys and Senior Girls. Today’s Senior photo sessions are about the Senior. It showcases their hobbies, their interests, their personalities and it makes the session…Unique!  Sure, Senior girls make up about 75% of my Senior photography sessions each year but having two sons myself, Senior Guys are one of my favorite sessions to shoot.

I think they are my favorite because when my oldest was a Senior I hired someone else to do his session. Mainly because all of my kids share the same disorder…..PCS….better known as Photographer Child Syndrom. Anyway, though the photographer was a sweet young lady my son’s Senior session was, well, boring. It was flat, there was nothing that really made it about him. She had no kids and was at a loss for locations, poses and clothing ideas and suggestions.

That experience got me thinking about my own business and in particular Senior Guy Photography sessions. Because Senior Guys typically only do the session because their Mom said so, I wanted to make sure the Guys had a fun experience and were involved from start to finish. I wanted their session to be an extension of them!

I like to meet up with the Seniors and their Moms prior to the day of the shoot. First, we discuss their hobbies, their likes, their interests and if they are involved in any sports and or clubs at school. With the info from both Mom and the Senior I start suggesting ideas for clothing options and I show them some ideas from Pinterest. Some photographers don’t like Pinterest but I think it is such an amazing tool to help create sessions for these Seniors. We can create a board together and the Senior, his/her mom and I can all add images on their to help bring a vision to life during the session. It is a way that they can see what colors compliment each other.


I like to suggest at least 3 outfits for Senior Guys.

1- Mom’s Outfit!

The first outfit is usually what Mom wants and that is typically a nice clean cut look. We tend to use this look first as it is usually not something that they typically would dress in. We make this portion short and to the point.

2- Senior Guys Outfit

The second outfit is the fun option. This second choice is the one that will bring out their personality. This is the outfit that the Senior Guy has the most input on from colors to styles to overall look. For some it may be khaki pants and a polo shirt for others it may be basketball shorts and a t-shirt.

3- Styles to Compliment Locations

I help suggest colors and or styles that compliment our locations as well. For example if we are shooting at the River Front or the Graffiti wall then an outfit of jeans, t-shirt and maybe a long sleeve button up shirt hanging open.

4- Add Something Fun

Add their favorite sneaker or converse shoe and maybe a hat or something fun to their senior outfit.

5- No NEON!

I like to also suggest that they do not wear anything neon as it leaves a terrible color cast on them  – a photographers nightmare when editing!

6- Don’t wear clothing with tags/logos/large pictures

I suggest not to wear clothing with name brand tags or logos and nothing with large pictures. You will want these images to be classic and stand the test of time. These images with their personality outfit will get you the most sincere smiles and they will probably be the ones they brag about, the ones that make their cover photo on FB or Instagram.

7- Wear what reflects an interest/hobby or sport!

Now the third outfit is usually the one that reflects their interests, hobbies and or sports. Say you have a Senior guy who plays sports for his school, suggest his uniform or his jersey.

8- Add in props!

Add in the props such as the football or the hockey stick and gloves or the baseball, bat and glove.

9- Truck or Cars

If they don’t do a sport or club maybe they want their car or truck in the shot. Suggest outfits that compliment the color of their vehicle.

Make sure to include your Senior Guy in the planning of his outfits so he will start to get excited for the shoot. If the Senior guy and Mom go shopping for the session outfits – I like to suggest they send me image of what they are looking at and I can help guide them in ones that will work.

Senior Girls usually already know what they are going to wear months, sometimes years prior to their session. But Senior Guys most of the time do not care… first. So the main way to make it about them and make it comfortable is to well……make it about them!

Kim Mumford