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Why book your Senior session early?

Last time you checked your little girl or young man was just starting his high school years. Freshman year….so many fun times ahead and you thought “I have plenty of time with him/her”. You blinked and here we are…..Senior Year! What to do, what to do? Well….that is what I am here for! Here are the Top 5 reasons to get your child’s Senior Session on the books….Now!


NUMBER 1 - The Weather! Yes…the weather. This is Southern IL/Metro East and it could be Spring in the AM, Summer in the afternoon and Fall in the PM. We will want to schedule your session during a time when you will feel most comfortable…not too cold, not too hot.

NUMBER 2 - Wardrobe. Once we narrow down a date it is time to start thinking wardrobe. You want items that show off your personality, your hobbies, your likes…..things that make you ….well….YOU. You will want time to find just the right items for your wardrobe. If you are stumped on what to wear let me help you take the guessing out of it. During our initial consultation we will discuss your likes and then I will help you choose clothing options that not only fit your style but options that will photograph amazing! Please keep in mind no logos, nothing that is neon, and nothing that is dated. You will want timeless, classy, fun items.


NUMBER 3 - Location, location, location! A location is just an extension of you. A backdrop to showcase your personality. During the Spring-Summer months a lot of locations will start to pick up with activity. As the weather gets nicer more people venture outdoors after months of being cooped up in the house because of snow and cold. Places like Tower Grove Park or Lafayette Park tend to get pretty crowded with Proms, Weddings, Engagement and even Senior sessions. We will want to be able to pick a location that is unique and means something to you! If we go to Ball Park Village then we will want to make sure there is not Baseball game for example.

NUMBER 4 - Your more relaxed. During the slower times of late Spring through Summer you are more relaxed. You are not knee deep in tests, commitments, or the Million other things you will be doing once school starts. With you being more relaxed your session with KMP will be more relaxed and fun!


NUMBER 5 - Last but surely not least….now is the best time to schedule your session because it will be one less thing you will have to do. Parents, if you have already had a child graduate you for sure know what I am talking about. For you parents who are doing this for the first time…..let me tell you……the list seems never ending on what you have to do prior to Graduation Day! There is getting the announcements, notifying family, making arrangements for everyone coming in, getting the Cap and Gown, college submissions, scholarships to apply for, tests to take……so why not check one thing of the list and book your session today! Let KMP take the stress away and help plan the right session for your Senior!