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"Never lose focus on what is important."


It's a Model world

There are times when I have so many ideas jumping around my head that I need to get out and photograph it so I know how it looks in real life. Sometimes it is for Maternity, sometimes for Couples, sometimes Families. As photographers every will tel you sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zone sometimes.

My favorite sessions to photograph are Seniors but I want to branch out and work with Tweens. After all they will be Seniors soon enough. I saw something in my head …..creek, 70’s, BoHo feel. I sent a model call out and got these amazing models for a few hours! We had a blast! And, as a matter of fact. 3 of the images from this shoot were featured in a magazine! How cool is that?!

I used to photograph down at Carlyle lake all the time when I first started. I also photographed the Special Olympics Polar Plunge every year at the same lake. I stopped because clients wanted more woodsy, or urban backdrops for their families, their maternity, their Senior sessions. But, with the weather being so hot lately I figured I would drive right back in and try something. I put out a model call for a Maternity model to 1. help model some new client wardrobe dresses and 2. let me be more creative without any restrictions. What I got was a perfect model with Suzanne and some beautiful creative art!

So then….after doing the Maternity session in the lake I really wanted to step way outside of my box and try a sexy, intimate couple shoot in the water. I think this was one of my top fav sessions of the year. So many ideas, so many inspirations, so many creative energies! Going to totally offer these for next year! Who’s ready to sign up?

Last year I had a group of tweens/Seniors and we all went to this amazing Sunflower field and got the most amazing images! This year with all the rain we had a lot of flooding and the location was not able to get their crop in. BUT….for the first time I decided to head to Eckerts and try out their sunflower maze. Not bad. Some were not bloomed yet but hey..can’t be too picky. I had a model call for a couple and picked Sam and her boyfriend Isaiah. OMG…I could of literally photographed this amazing couple all day!

What do you do when you spot these awesome farmer weed fields and you have 2 best friends that will soon have to say goodbye? Well…you get a hold of their moms and go have a play date out in the field and create some amazing memories for the moms and the BFFS.


Yes. Photography is a job. It is my business. It is the way I support my family and my sons hockey. But photography to me is more then that. It is a way to let my creative ADD mind wander and create magic! It lets me do things for me. It lets me try new things without others telling me it wont work. It lets me….be ME!

Keep an eye on my page because you never know when I might get a new idea in my head that needs out. I am always looking for models for promo shoots as well as publications and creative shoots.

THANK YOU to all my models of 2019!

Kim Mumford