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"Never lose focus on what is important."


Miss Emily ~ MHS Class of 2020

Senior season is well under way here in Southern IL. Schools start earlier, deadlines come faster and the days go by faster! Even though we are thinking of Fall weather, hoodies Football and Hockey it is still over 90 degrees here but Miss Emily sure did rock her session!


I love when Seniors choose a location that means something to them, a location that is unique and tells a story. For Miss Emily that location was here at the place where she spends a lot of time ….with her horse Snap. Funny story,…Snap’s mom is named Ginger. LOL

*What are your plans for after High School? I plan to go to undergrad and graduate school to become a clinical psychologist.

*Tell us about the location you chose for your Senior session and if it has a significance to you. My pictures were taken at the stable where I keep my horse, because I wanted to have him in the pictures.

*What activities are you in, whether in or out of school, and how have they helped shape you into the person you are today? I ride horses, and have been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten. I just earned my Gold Award, and with it the Trifecta Award for earning all three top awards. I also have been in AWANA since fifth grade. These have developed my character and made me strong and resilient.


*What would be your absolute dream vacation and who would you take with you? I have traveled all my life because my dad is in the Air Force. My dream vacation is to stay home with my horse and dog.

*Knowing what you know now as a Senior, what advice would you give an upcoming Freshman beginning their high school years? Work hard and don't procrastinate.


*Who has inspired you the most in life and how have they done that? My trainer, Sarah, inspired me to learn how to train horses. She has a successful business as a trainer and is starting a horse rescue, both of which I admire.

*What was your favorite memory of high school? Getting my horse.

*Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I hope to be working as a clinical and/or research psychologist.


*How have your goals changed from your Freshman year to your Senior year? I wanted to be a veterinarian, but now I prefer psychology.

*What was your favorite thing about your Senior session with Kim Mumford Photography? I loved when the other horses decided to pose at the end.


Good luck your Senior year Miss Emily! Here is to an amazing year full of friends, fun and preparing for your future. I wish you the best!

Kim Mumford