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Graham ~ BTHS Class of 2020

Something new I am doing this year is blogging more of my Senior sessions. Time to get to know these amazing young adults!

Senior season is in full swing and I got to hang out with this cool guy the other week. Meet Mr. Graham, BTHS Class of 2020.


Before a session with KMP I like to meet up and do an in person consult. This is where we go over location ideas, wardrobe choices, those most have poses and of course all the requirements for the high school yearbook. I also like to send out a questionnaire before and after a Senior session. The before questionnaire give me some insight into the likes and dislikes of the Senior and also it helps to give me ideas on how I want to run the session.

I really didn’t need that with Graham here. I have known Graham for over 12 years now. My youngest son has played hockey both with and against Graham. Graham is one tough Goalie! He even helped lead his high school team to the play offs and ended with the Championship win!


So without further ado…..let’s see how Graham’s session went!

What are your plans for after High School? Going off to College

Tell us about the location you chose for your Senior session and if it has a significance to you.

Downtown Belleville

What activities are you in, whether in or out of school, and how have they helped shape you into the person you are today?

Hockey, Boy Scouts, and scholar bowl

What would be your absolute dream vacation and who would you take with you?

Going backpacking in Europe, and probably my girlfriend


Knowing what you know now as a Senior, what advice would you give an upcoming Freshman beginning their high school years?

It’s not as bad as you think

Who has inspired you the most in life and how have they done that?

My grandpa, he was the ultimate family man and I respect that

What was your favorite memory of high school?

Winning a championship with Belleville


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I honestly have no clue

How have your goals changed from your Freshman year to your Senior year?

My goals haven’t really changed much

What was your favorite thing about your Senior session with Kim Mumford Photography?

Kim was able to make the session fun!

Good luck to Graham and the BTHS Hockey team this season!

Kim Mumford